Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm already using a blend of Non-GMO Allulose and Monk Fruit Extract, why would I want to upgrade to SilkySweet?

SilkySweet contains a complex proprietary blend of flavor enhancers that took years to perfect, therefore cannot be reverse-engineered. SilkySweet's Unique Functionality, in addition to tasting Better Than Pure Cane Sugar, will Transform Flavors when compared with any Allulose/Monk Fruit blend that only sweetens.

Is SilkySweet Ketogenic Certified via Human Blood Testing with Near Zero Glucose Response & Maintaining Healthy Ketone Levels?

Yes, effective January 9, 2023

How intense is the 1:1 SilkySweet in various applications?

When formulating for optimal sweetness and flavor profile, start with 1:1(vs cane sugar formulations), then if you find this too sweet try reductions of 10%, 20% or 30% until the perfect balance of flavor and sweetness is achieved. SilkySweet's 1:1 Sweetness Intensity is designed to allow optimal cost efficiency when reformulating to replace your current sweeteners.

Are there any lasting positive effects from the flavor enhancers in SilkySweet?

We advise tasting your Control first then the same item sweetened with SilkySweet afterwards. (Your Control will receive benefits from SilkySweet for a short time thereafter).

The Ingredients label lists "Natural and Organic Flavors". I'm concerned that "Natural Flavors" may be hiding undesirable ingredients. Please explain.

The Non-GMO Allulose and Monk Fruit Extract are All-Natural, and 90% of the remaining ingredients are Organic. The small fraction of ''Natural Flavors" are simply All-Natural, Plant-Based Proprietary Ingredients that make SilkySweet the finest sweetener blend available.

Do you have a SilkySweet Pricelist available now?

After your Lab reformulates your products you will realize the massive Value Proposition SilkySweet delivers. Due to extreme volatility and supply chain issues, prices will be quoted after successful lab evaluation when an order is proposed.

Are there plans to Retail the 14oz Pouches of 1:1 SilkySweet, plus new 2g Foodservice Stick Packs of INTENSE 1:1 SilkySweet for Coffee and Tea applications?

Yes, in Q3 2023.

Are there plans to introduce a USDA Organic version of SilkySweet?

Yes, in 2024, or as soon as Organic Versions of certain ingredients become available.

Are there plans to introduce a Liquid Syrup version of SilkySweet?

Yes, when there is a strong enough demand from Premium Product Formulators.

What is the estimated Shelf Life of SilkySweet?

24 months from Date of Production.

Is SilkySweet Non-GMO Project Verified?

SilkySweet's Ingredients are Non-GMO, but we are currently working on an actual certification for our formula, and will update our packaging once the process is complete.

Is SilkySweet Halal Certified?

SilkySweet is currently Kosher Certified, and we plan to obtain Halal Certification by 2024.

Is Silky Smooth MicroCreamery currently in operation as a Frozen Dessert Foodservice Franchise?

The introduction of SilkySweet plus an all-new proprietary freezer machine will enable Silky Smooth MicroCreamery to reopen as an All-Keto, Organic/All-Natural, Scratch-Made & Fresh-Served Frozen Dessert Franchise by 2025.